Our Featured Artist

Anastacia Drake

18 Feb Our Featured Artist

We are proud to be featuring local Kansas City artist Anastacia Drake’s artwork in our Mission Rd. showroom for the month of September.

Anastacia Drake

Anastacia Drake is a self-taught artist who, from a very early age,  recognized the ability of art to change not only the immediate world around her, but the very consciousness of the planet. Anastacia found great strength through challenging situations by expressing her gift, first via detailed pencil portraits, and then fell in love with the limitless opportunities for artistic and philosophical exploration that painting presents.

Anastacia is an oft-commissioned and displayed artist, developing paintings for a variety of clients.  She has exhibited and sold internationally. She has also won several artist fellowships worldwide, including in Budapest, Italy, Romania, and Australia.

Her recent work delves into the connectedness of the real and the abstract by creating a conversation between color and texture. She resides in Kansas City, MO with her son.

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