Now Showing – Gregory Summers


19 Feb Now Showing – Gregory Summers

We are proud to feature Gregory Summer’s artwork currently in our Mission Rd. Showroom.

R. Gregory Summers


Here is a little insight into Gregory Summers, from his website.

I am about painting, about people, and helping others. I am an artist of the land; I am a plein air artist.

Born in the Flint Hills of Kansas with 4 sisters and 1 brother, my father was a cowboy turned truck driver, and we were lucky enough to have a stay at home Mom.

Served in the USAF at the end of the Vietnam War, I went straight to study art at Johnson County Community College on the GI Bill. Here I met Prof Jean Howard, and learned painting.

My professional career as an artist began in 1979 at Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri, where I learned the art of sculpting in metal and continued as a Master Engraver for the next 30 years.

The end of the 70’s and early 80’s I began competing in National and International painting competitions and winning. I did not continue with my painting, I let a sure career, and a growing family take front seat to my experiment with putting paint to canvas.

In 2010 I stepped outdoors for the first time and found that you can combine painting with the great wide open, through a Continuing Education course at the Kansas City Art Institute, taught by Anne Garney.  At this realization I went full force ahead without looking back.

Late 2011 I met who was to be my Mentor till his untimely death. Rick Howell was not only one of the most talented artists I had ever met, but above that he loved people and saw belief and hopes in each and everyone.

I believe that one can help themselves best by helping others. I don’t try to inspire, or be any sort of model. I am an imperfect soul, and look to be spending my life here learning as I can. I have a lot of experience I can share; if that inspires another in some manner I am honored.

My help in forming the Missouri Valley Impressionist Society with Jeff Sparks, Brent Seevers, and Rachel Mindrup was for this purpose. To help other artists and art lovers find a place they could live, learn, and share art in this wonderful region I live in.

“We go outdoors to enjoy the land, or stay inside to avoid it.”

It is Gregory Summers an outdoor artist that brings the outside in.

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