About This Project

This euro style kitchen brings glass, wood, metal, and stone together for a modern, yet earthy appeal.  The minimalist design puts the focus on the island in the center of the kitchen, which is well deserving of the attention. Profile Cabinet and Design created Euro style, natural finished slab storage cabinets that are encased in a waterfall of engineered quartz. The ultra modern ceiling hood hovers above a built in cooktop that blends seamlessly into the quartz.  The white slab cabinets on the back wall area are separated by a lemon glass tile that adds just the right amount of color and contrast to the space.  Off to the side, a built in hutch gets a modern upgrade with stainless steel framed glass uppers.  The master vanity has a zen like appeal, featuring laminate euro style cabinetry with a cut out towel shelf and matching his and hers wooden frames.

Kitchens, Vanities